Austen Family History

Summary of additions and corrections to this web site.


May 2010
The mysterious disappearance of Walter Sloane may have been solved... If true then he's been naughty!


February 2010
Doubt has been cast on the Aiken sisters picture. My current listing of Annie Young (nee Aiken) bears a striking resemblance to Mary Hilda Gillow (nee Kingswell).

Above: The Gillow family in the Westcoast dated 1904 (in addition to being written on photo, the identification is strongly aligned with other evidence). Mary is seated to the left.

Above: thought to be the gathering of the Wright / Young family for a christerning about 1884/85 also on the Westcoast. Annie Young (nee Aiken) is seated in the middle.

The photo is undated and is the only photo found to date of the Aiken sisters - although the evidence is circumstantial The back row L-R is clearly Frederick Wright (and taken well before his death in 1902), Henry William Young (also dates the picture many years before is death in 1903), and Robert Austen Young (visually consistent with his age of 42 in 1884), and Rev Dart (visually consistent with being 20 years younger than his appearance at the 1904 Shallcrass/Gillow wedding).

It is assumed that the wives are in front of their husbands.


January 2010
Significant additions and corrections to the Gardiner and Aiken pages - the result of successful visits to the Nelson Provincial Museum.

October 2009
Finally separated out the W. H. Free material into its own page. And, found what maybe an early picture of him (at least 40 years earlier than before). Added a new photo & postcard of Howell Preston Young, and some new mystery images. Updated the Wrights info as well.

August 2009
Make series of updates and corrections to the Kingswell page - in particular to Charles Burcher Kingswell. And, to W B Kingswell bio page.

July 2009
By chance discovered Robert Austen was a graduate of the University of Cambridge - which shed a little more light on his life.

March 2009
Finally, found some (not much) information on Mary Brown. Its progress on an individual I've spent years on. And, it highlights that soon I'll need to separate out the Free family page into separate sections as its too large (at 688k it takes forever to download on dialup). Tidied up Harben info and updated some dates which where suspect, dittio in the Robinson and Young page.

February 2009
Add a significant quantity of information on the Aiken family. In part due to the sharing from Australian Aiken descendants and soon after due to realising that this has a been a long neglected family branch.

Januaruy 2009
Tidied up dates, typos with the Woodgates.

11 May 2008
Finally finished the biography page on George Kingswell - a most interesting character!

Late April 2008
Added a significant quantity of new information on the Kingswells. This is largely thanks to the introduction of keyword searching at Papers Past - a free online resource of New Zealand's early newspapers. As a result much of the 'missing' biographical information about W. B. Kinsgwell's time in New Zealand is now largely understood. Although, still a few interesting questions remain. Smaller additions have been added to other Kingswell family members. Added new drawings to the Lewes (in East Sussex) side families - Austen and Harben.

7 April 2008
Added a sizable quantity of biographical info on William Gardiner.

5 April 2008
Learnt when and how Andrew Sloane died (fell off a cliff in his garden!). Added some biographical info on Walter Sloane (Andrew's brother).

2 April 2008
Discovered that Edwin Kingswell went bankrupt in 1891. A fast fall for a tea merchant given £5,000 from his father in 1886.

10 February 2008
Elijah "Eli" William Austen Sinclair, born at 3.38am on Sunday 10 February 2008 (picture is from around 4am).  Weighing in at 3.68kgs (8.2 pounds). He's likely to slow down progress on this website!

10 January 2008
Added pictures to the Corsica Hall page and a considerable new amount of Harben family information and details.

7 January 2008
Added new page on the Sankey side of the family (via the Bridges family)

3 January 2008
Added new page on Harben Clocks - a photo collection of three clocks.

2 January 2008
Added new material about the original Robert Austen, his tomb and a little biographical info.

1 January 2008
Added some of the missing Henry Harben (1770-1831) children. Have now have found 15 and have only three to go! Added a new page on Corica Hall - the 'ancestral' home to the Harbens. Found Mary Austen's christening record - places the Austen family in Lewes in 1752.

4 December 2007
Small breakthrough in the Kingswell's before they emigrated to Australia - the marriage of William Kingswell and Mary Burcher. This is interesting as it suggests the couple were very mobile around this period, with their first daughter born in Feb 1823 in Wiltshire and then their own marriage in Oct 1823 in London.

15 July 2007 - tidied up the typos and transposed dates of the Deans family.

4 June 2006
Added image of St Anne's Church - where Rev Robert Austen was the Curate.

14 September 2005
Added a photograph of Andrew Davidson Young (1812-1872).
Added a series of photographs of the church St. Nicholas at Wade, Kent, which is of significance to the Gillow family. Including more information on Robert Seymour Bridges and John Gillow.

13 September 2005
Added two new photographs of Henry Aiken Young.

12 September 2005
Added information and updated the children of Walter F Robinson (husband of Emily Robinson (nee Young)).

10 September 2005
Added photograph of Walter F Robinson (husband of Emily Robinson (nee Young)) and their son George. Updated a few new details on the Gardiner family.

28 August 2005
Breakthrough to the mystery of why half the Young's of Scotland left and the other half stayed behind. They didn't. The mother (Emily Young) returned to the rest of the family and after her husband's death then emigrated to New Zealand. Updated the entry for Andrew Davidson Young with the above insight and of family as found in the 1871 Scottish census.

27 August 2005
Added the transcript of a letter from Edward Young to his mother in 1877.

24 August 2005
Added the newspaper report regarding Colin Harben Robinson's D.F.C. (He's the son of Emily Robinson (nee Young).

21 August 2005
Added a lengthy, and some what fawning, 1980 Southland Times story on Ernest Nichol.

15 August 2005
Added the children of Elizabeth Hilda Kingswell and Edwin Cumming

7 August 2005
Added background information on Eliza Kingswell.

6 August 2005
Added the children of Harriette Kingswell and Rev. Malcolm Duncanson.

25 July 2005
More information on the Nichol family including new pictures.

23 July 2005
More material on the Kingswell family. Lots of little corrections and the material now has a more logical flow.

1 July 2005
Small break through in the Kingswell family. The source of the Hilder/Hilda name goes back another generation...

29 June 2005
Comprehensive biography now beginning to solid take shape of Edmund Gillow's life...

28 June 2005
A whole raft of little changes, corrections and updates arising from the collection of Gillow family pages. On the main home page added a copy of the note from Edmund Gillow to his son George Gillow "... we must keep up the record."

27 June 2005
Updated birth dates of Mary, Audrey, Jean and Gertrude Shallcrass. Solved the "Aunt William of Sandwich" photograph on the Mystery pages (She is Sarah Gillow). Added the family details of Sarah and William Gillow.

23 June 2005.
My grandfather's cousin, John Gillow, has provided his own father's family history notes on the Kingswell and, particularly, on the Gillow family. This new information will get progressively added...

7 May 2005.
Added new information on Mary Kingswell and her mother Mary Burcher.

2 May 2005.
Added a small footnote about John Guilding, on the Robertson page.

6 April 2005.
Added the 1904 Wedding party of Robert William Shallcrass and Hilda Gillow.

6 January 2005.
Added a new page on the descendants of Edmund & Mary Hilda Gillow - complete with new photographs and content.

5 January 2005.
Added an age appropriate photograph of Edmund Gillow Young.

4 January 2005.
Added a photograph, though not a very clear one, of Harben Robert 'Bob' Young, Lena Jay and their only child Harben Jay 'Pai' Young. Added three more unknown photographs to the Mystery Images page (all related to the Gillow family).

30 November 2004.
Added photographs of Maisie Young (nee Free), W R H Free, a Sloane child about to bath, Lassie Sloane, and Dunbar & Olive Sloane.

29 November 2004.
Added photographs of Annie Nichol (nee Kingswell), Mary Hilder Gillow (nee Kingswell), Mary Hilder Gillow (nee Kingswell) and oldest children, George Gillow, Edmund Gillow with this grandson R A Young, Henry A Young, Mary Young, Robert Austen Young and of Gertrude Shallcrass.

28 November 2004.
Added photographs of Mary Free (nee Brown), Henry Free, Katie Free, Freddie Free, and of the 1908 wedding of W R H Free and Margaret Sloane. Updated with clearer images of; Margaret Sloane (nee Robertson), John Robertson, May Doughty (and with new portraits of the Robertsons).

20 November 2004.
Added (and made many corrections) to Shallcrass page (thanks Graeme). Added more biographical information to the Nichol page as well.

15 November 2004
Added obit for Elizabeth Bryant (Mrs. Kingswell) and tidied up the unfortunate typo's in the bio of Samuel Nichols.

9 November 2004
Added obit for Louisa Kate Free.

23 October 2004
Located Edwin/Edward Kingswell in Canada.

20 October 2004
Added the obits of Henry John Free, and William Henry Free's first wife Martha Hunt.

18 October 2004
Added the newspaper clipping for the Sloane - Free wedding in 1908.

16 October 2004
Added images of Walter Henderson Sloane and his wife Margaret Johnstone Sloane and John Roberson and his wife May Doughty. (thanks Andrew & Mary)

28 September 2004
Solved the last mystery photograph on the 'Mystery Images' page (thanks, again, Belinda)
Added, Alfred Gillow (and his grandson Henry Robert Ogle - formerly of the Mystery Images page).

25 September 2004
Corrected a typo (Thanks Andrew) and added burial details (Thanks Erina) in the Free family.

24 September 2004
Added dates for children of W H Free.

15 September 2004
Added a lot more John and May Robertson information.
General update to Descendants of W. H. and M. R. Sloane: Family Chart #1. With a considerably expanded section on Andrew Dunbar Sloane - including new picture.

10 June, 2004
Isabella Frances Austen Sinclair born at 6am and weighs 8 pounds 3 oz. I suspect that it will be a little while before any further updates occur on this website!

7 June 2004,
Added link to the New Statistical Account, for the PARISH OF STEWARTON. Of interest to the Deans family.

6 June 2004,
Added more Deans family information.

4 June 2004,
Added more Kingswell information (Obit, and offspring details).

18 May 2004,
Finally got around to typing the newspaper clipping of the wedding of R A Young & M A Free - includes photo.
Added dates and details (minor) for children of W H Free.

17 May 2004,
Added an interesting new picture of Henry William Young (Westcoast engineer).

11 April, 2004,
Added minor additions and corrections to W H Free page.

10 April 2004,
Added significant new Austen Deans and Deans family material, including pictures..

5 April 2004,
Added, the beginning of the Austen family page - it's only taken eight years.

2 April 2004,
Added, what I suspect was the only remaining, image of William Henry Free.
Added image of Robert Shallcrass tombstone and tidied up some more typos.
Added information on the Mystery Images page.
Added spouse information for Catherine Stone Young

1 April 2004,
Added two new dates to the William Henry Free time line.
Added a lengthy biography of Jane Deans (nee McIlraith)

30 March 2004,
Added an image of the ebook CD-Rom.

29 March 2004,
Added another Thomas Harben clock image.

27 March 2004,
Added another title that quotes WH Free's interview by James Cowan
Worked on Harbin family page. Added; a picture of Susan Harben, a new Thomas Harben clock information and picture, corrected the family chart (which had huge errors - sorry), a picture of Henry Harben and Thomas Harben.

26 March 2004,
Added material on Robert William Shallcrass including a photograph.
Added the Obituary of Annabella Williamson Jeffry.
Added Taranaki Crown Land Grant information on the Free family.

25 March 2004,
Added material on Robert Shallcrass including a photograph.
Started this record of updates.

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