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Descendants of E & M H Gillow #1.
Last Updated November 2010.

Edmund Gillow
Born, 7 January 1837
Married, (16th?) February 1870, Invercargill, NZ
Died, 11 September 1931 in Wellington, NZ

Mary Hilder Kingswell
Born, 1852, Tasmania, Australia
Married, 1870, Invercargill, NZ
Died, 27 May 1924, Wellington, NZ


Ruth Gillow
Born 1878
Married, 30 April 1907, Westport, NZ
to, Henry Aiken Young
Died, 1963
Hilda Gillow
Born 1883, NZ
Married, 1904, Westport, NZ to, Robert William Shallcrass Wellington NZ.
Died 1945, Wellington, NZ
George Gillow
Born 1892, NZ
Died 1953, Australia.
Colin Gillow, died young of typhoid
Bertha Gillow, died 21 July 1878, aged 2, of typhoid.

right: Left to Right, Bertha Gillow, Mary Hilda Gillow (nee Kingswell) and Colin Gillow - Dunedin NZ, about 1875.








Below: Left to Right, Mary Hilda Gillow (sitting), Hilda Gillow (Standing), Ruth Gillow (Sitting), George Gillow (standing), and Edmund Gillow (sitting). Westport, NZ, 7 February 1904.





above: George Gillow - about 1912
below: George Gillow - Sapper in WW1

above: George Gillow, 1920, in Masonic Lodge regalia.

Biographical Details:

George Gillow (1892-1953)

Born 1892, New Zealand
Married, Jessie May Adams (15 Jan 1899 to 22 Sept 1988)
Died, 16 April 1953, Australia

According to his son John Gillow in a 2005 interview, George Gillow was raised in the South Island and went to a NZ University obtaining a degree related to Electrical Engineering. He was present for the wedding of Robert Shallcrass and Hilda Gillow (his sister) in Westport NZ in 1904 (he's left most in the wedding party photograph) He then went to Scotland and worked for a shipping company then on to the Middle East working for an oil company in the Arabian gulf.

He enlisted in the Australian Army (engineering corps) during WW1. It is unclear why he was in Australia but his wife, Jessie May Adams, was Australian. After the war he worked on Power Stations and later the power distribution for northern Victoria, Australia.

He is briefly mentioned in the Melbourne Argus on 5 July 1924 as having resigned as the Swan Hill electrical engineer.

During WW2 he was the air warden for Melbourne. By 1945 he was resident at 376 Barkly Street, Elwood, Melbourne and in that year both his children married.

Was a Sapper in the Australian army in WW1 - service number 4338. On active service 1 June 1916 to 19 December 1918. Mentioned in Dispatches in May 1918.

In a 2004 interview with his New Zealand resident niece, she described him as; "He was very musical. On the penny whistle he used to play the most beautiful music on it. He never learnt music but my mother said that she’d sit down and play a tune on the piano and he’d sit down and copy it."

Their children:
John Edmund Gillow,
born 1 October 1920, Wonthaggi, Melbourne. Married Norma Kirkpatrick in 1945. Currently (January 2005) living in New South Wales, Australia. John Gillow was known as 'Gill' in the Navy, as 'Jack' among his relatives, parents and sibling and known as 'John' by his wife and children.

Lillias Jean Gillow,
Known as Jean, married William "Bill" Charles Anderson on 22 February 1945 in Melbourne.




















Biographical Details:

Hilda Gillow (1883-1945)
Born, 1883
Married, in 1904 to Robert William Shallcrass (1870-1931), in Westport, NZ.
Died, 10 October 1945 in Wellington, NZ. Interned at Karori Cemetery, {Area 06, Block A, Row 12, Plot 034}

Biographical Details:

The 1904 Wedding party photograph is here (with the Robert William Shallcrass details)

The photograph below is of the Shallcrass family about 1916 and likely to be in Nelson - possibly the Matai Valley. Left to Right (based on age); Jean, Audrey, Hilda (nee Gillow), Robert, Gertrude and Mary.


Her death notice reads: "Shallcrass. On October 10, 1945, at Bowen St. Hospital, Hilda, widow if the late R. W. Shallcrass, 26 Newman Tce."

Children of Hilda & Robert W Shallcrass:

  1. Mary Shallcrass, born 16 December 1904 and died in 1992. Achieved a Bachelor of Arts (in Botany) in 1927 from Victoria University College (this appears in the list of those conferred their degrees in the evening Post 11 April 1927).
    She appears in the Women in Print section of the Evening Post 18 May 1927 "Miss Mary Shallcrass is the guest of Mrs. H. A. Young, Christchurch."

    She becomes a teacher at the Silverstream School (1928-1937), the following is recorded of her departure, Evening Post 5 July 1937:

    A number of friends assembled at the Silverstream School recently to bid farewell to Miss Shallcrass, who has been on the staff of the school for over ten years. Mr. Eves, Headmaster, on behalf of the staff, said Miss Shallcrass possessed three important characteristics, punctuality, conscientiousness, and willingness, and that the school had been set an example worthy of imitation. Mr. Baskett, on behalf of the school committee, said that as chairman for some years he could speak with sincerity of Miss Shallcrass's influence over her pupils. She had done her duty faithfully, and more than her duty, for the benefit of the school, said Mr. Baskett. He was glad that the children, committee, and district had recognised Miss Shallcrass's worth, and as a recognition he asked four of her oldest pupils to present her with an enamelled chromium toilet set, with handpainted accessories, also a fruit bowl. Miss Shallcrass fittingly responded, thanking the donors for their beautiful gifts and the speakers for their kind appreciation. She specially thanked Mrs. Baskett, infant mistress, for arranging the party for her. Mr. Jeffcoate, on behalf of the sports bodies, said the members who had been pupils of Silverstream School were in every way a credit to their school training, and it spoke volumes for the good the school staff was doing. Vocal items were given by Mesdames Jeffcoate, Evers-Swindell, and a monologue by Miss Smith. The children contributed songs and recitations. Afternoon tea was dispensed, and a happy function closed with musical honours on Miss Shallcrass's behalf."

    She appears in a published photo of the wedding party of Elizabeth Hogarth and Mr Rothwell in July 1935 - the picture isn't very clear. She is listed as being appointed as a teacher to Seatoun school in 1937.

    Mary's engagement to Edwin 'Ted' Braithwaite Davies (son of Mr. & Mrs. William C. Davies of Nelson) is announced in the Evening Post on 2 February 1940.

    Ted dies in 1991 aged 85.

  2. Audrey Shallcrass, born 4 August 1906. Achieved from Victoria University College an BSc (in Mathematics) in 1927 and an MSc with Honours (2nd class, in Mathematics) in 1928. From 1929 she was a teacher at the Southland Girls' High School, Invercargill. She is elected to the committee of the Wellington Girls' College Old Girls Association - published in the Evening Post 24 February 1945.

    Audrey dies in 1998 and cremated at Karori, Wellington.

  3. Jean Shallcrass, Born 22 December 1908. Attended Wellington Girls College was was a Prefect in 1926. Passed the Pitman's Theory Certificate (Typewriting) in 1928. Achieved BA from Victoria University in 1931. Appears in Women in print column, Evening Post 2 Jan 1935: "Miss Jean Shallcrass, Wellington, who has been spending a holiday in the Rakaia Valley, arrived in Christchurch today, and will spend a few days with her aunt, Mrs. H. A. Young, Cashmere." In the same column she appears in 21 September 1936 as being elected to the committee of the Wellington Girls' College Old Girls' Association Tennis Club. She appears as follows in the Evening Post, 18 November 1937:

    A large and representative gathering of the staff of Victoria University College was entertained recently at an afternoon tea given by the lady members of the staff in honour of Miss Jean Shallcrass. B.A. The opportunity was taken of bidding farewell to Miss Shallcrass, who has been a member of the office staff for nearly nine years and who is leaving at the end of the year to be married. The chairman of the Professorial Board, Professor F. F. Miles, handed Miss Shallcrass a beautiful set of cutlery on behalf of the college staff, and made appreciative reference to Miss Shallcrass's unfailing courtesy and helpfulness as a member of the office staff. He wished her and her fiance, Mr. J. S. Reid, M.Sc, who was present, happiness and prosperity in their married life. Miss Shallcrass suitably replied, and the lady members of the staff dispensed tea."

    Jean marries J. S. Reid on 7 January 1938 in Wellington. I've determined little of Mr J. S. Reid; he appears active in the Wellington YMCA movement, and variously described as a law drafter and representative of Treasury. On 15 May 1939 they had a son, born at Bethany Hospital in Wellington. A another son is born on 25 July 1942 at Alexandra Hospital (in Wellington) - they are living in Wadestown. In June 1944, Jean (Mrs J. S. Reid) is elected to the Wadestown Play Centre committee. Jean dies in 1993, cremated Karori, Wellington. John Stanley Reid dies in Wellington 1993, aged 84 - cremated Karori, Wellington.

  4. Above: Gertrude Shallcrass at right is from Margaret Austin's wedding in November 1939 - Gertrude was a bridesmaid.
  5. Gertrude Shallcrass, Born 14 January 1914. She is listed as successfully passing the the December 1930 University Entrance Exam. In January 1931 she appears in the Personal Notes section of the Evening Post "Misses Mary & Gertrude Shallcrass, who have been spending some weeks in Christchurch have returned to Wellington." In 1932 she receives the Pitmans Shorthand 80 words p/m Certificate and also the Theory Certificate.
    In the Personal Notes section of the Evening Post on 11 Jan 1932 she appears: "Miss Gertrude Shallcrass, Wellington, is the the guest of her aunt, Mrs H. A. Young, Cashmere Hills, Christchurch."
    Appears in the Evening Post 28 November 1939 "Miss Gertrude Shallcrass will leave Christchurch on Thursday for Wellington, and spend three weeks here before leaving for New Guinea, where her marriage will take place. She will be accompanied from Wellington by her sister. Miss Mary Shallcrass." I assume she was in Christchurch to attend the wedding of her cousin Margaret Austin (nee Young) in Christchurch November 1939.

    She marries Eugene Charles O'Reilly in 1940. Eugene dies in Wellington May 1969. Gertrude dies in Lower Hutt on 5 May 2003.

    Obit: Eugene Charles O'Reilly - Evening Post 14 May 1969
    "With the passing last Saturday of Eugene Charles O'Reilly, the surveying profession in Wellington lost one of its most widely known and respected members. Mr O'Reilly joined the City Corporation's then survey branch in 1946 and was due to be appointed to the position of senior surveyor, town planning branch, this week.
    He was an active sportsman throughout his life and played tennis, badminton and golf regularly in his later years. Born in Auckland, Mr O'Reilly was educated at the Thames Valley High School and on leaving school returned to Auckland, where he undertook a survey cadetship. During the depression in the early 1930s he worked as a miner on the West Coast gold-fields before joining Gold Mines of New Zealand (Ltd) as a surveyor. In 1935 he went to New Guinea with the same company, working mainly in East Papua. He later took an appointment with the Australian Petroleum Company and led a number of expeditions deep into the upper reaches of the Fly River. Mr O'Reilly transferred to the surveying department of the Papuan Government, returning to Wellington in 1940, when he was married. He went back to New Guinea in the same year with his wife. During the war he served in the Fifth Australian Field Survey Company of the AIF in New Guinea and Borneo. After the war he worked as a surveyor with the Government at Port Moresby and spent some time on hydroelectric project in Tasmania before returning to Wellington in 1946. He was a member of the Ohariu Valley Golf Club and the Wadestown Tennis Club and was an early member of the executive of the Wadestown Residents' Association. Mr O'Reilly is survived by his wide, two daughters and two sons.


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