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Sloane Family Chart #1.
Last Updated May 2010.

Margaret Robertson Sloane
Born, 26 October 1882
Married, William R H Free
Died, 28 October 1974

Walter Henderson Sloane
Born, 11 March 1843
Married, 2 April 1868, Auckland, NZ

Andrew Sloane
Married, 21 June 1834, Glasgow, Scotland
Mary McDonald
Married, 21 June 1834, Glasgow, Scotland
Margaret Johnstone Robertson
Born, 10 October 1843, (or 30 Oct 1846) Auckland NZ
Married, 2 April 1868, Auckland, NZ
Died, 13 January 1921
John Robertson
Married, 19 November 1833, Edinburgh, Scotland
May Doughty
Married, 19 November 1833, Edinburgh, Scotland

Biographical Details:

Margaret Robertson Sloane "Fanny"to family and "Peg" & "Peggy" to friends (1882-1974)
Born, 26 October 1882, (maybe 28 October 1882), Union Street, Auckland, NZ
Married, William Robert Hurworth Free, 1908
Died, 28 October 1974.




A newspaper story about her wedding to W R H Free appears here.
















In 1973 M R Free, known to the Sloane's as "Granny Free" moved to 43 Marine Parade to live with her sisters (Molly & Lassie). A few months later she shift again to a rest home in Richardson Road, Mt Albert where she died on her 92 birthday. In the picture, left, she is with her cousin, Marge Tait (left, in black) presumably in the garden in Marine Parade, Auckland.







Children: (picture, left to right, May, Margaret & Fredie)
May Aroha Free (1911-1981)
Margaret Rutherford Free, Married, 1939, George Anthony Ball

Frederick Henry Free "Fredie" Born, 4 October 1909 at New Plymouth NZ Died 25 January 1924.





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Biographical Details:

This picture is believed to be of Walter Henderson Sloane. In what is thought to be the Royal Arch, Masonic Lodge regalia. In 1873 Walter is listed as Senior Deacon at the opening of the Union Lodge of Mark Masters, No. 154, E.C.

Walter Henderson Sloane
Born, 11 March 1843, Glasgow, Scotland
Married, Margaret Johnstone Robertson, 2 April 1868, at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Auckland, NZ.

Born in Glasgow in 1843. Noing is yet know about his life there. At age 19 Walter travels to New Zealand with his brother Andrew, on the 'Robert Small', ex London and arrives in Auckland May 1862.

Based on the much later claim for compensation under the The Naval and Military Settlers Act, 1856 made by his wife in 1894 it is understood that Walter was drafted (or volunteered) in the Auckland Militia and was involved between 1863-1867.

This may well be where the connection to the Robertson family begins as their pub the "Queen's Ferry became a gathering place for the Scottish as well as being the birthplace of the Scottish Volunteers of the Auckland militia."

The following is from James Cowan's The NZ Wars, vol 1, page 243.

"The Auckland Militia of the first class, unmarried men of between the ages of sixteen and forty, were first called out for active service on the 23rd June, 1863. There were no conscientious objectors in those days (or if there were they did not raise their voices), and any shirkers were dealt with severely. The first draft was 400 men, some of whom were despatched to the main camp at Otahuhu, and thence in companies to the various outposts as far as Drury. Others were retained for city patrol duty; as the war went on the older and married men relieved them of the town guard work and left the first class available for field service. The citizen recruits, drawn from all classes and occupations, were drilled in the Albert Barracks ground by the Regular Army instructors; morning after morning the drill was continued until the raw material was considered sufficiently advanced in the elements of infantry work to be despatched to Otahuhu. The duties of soldiering fell very severely upon many of the towns-people called upon to make heavy marches and live under rough camp conditions in the depth of winter, and to toil at redoubt-building and trench-digging. The large camp at Otahuhu was rather badly organized in the first hurry of war preparations, and the inferior hutting and feeding of the troops caused much sickness. The pay was half a crown a day with rations; this was increased by a shilling a day at the front."

His wife was to state in 1897 of her husband that; "They were on Graham's island at Motuihi, and they were ordered to serve, arms and ammunition being served out to them. They were never in any corps."

On April 2, by the Rev. D. Bruce, Walter, youngest son of Mr. Andrew Sloane, late of Glasgow, to Maggie, youngest daughter of Mr. John Robertson.
Source, Daily Southern Cross, 10 April 1868, page 4

The Sloane family lived in the "Queen's Ferry Hotel" until around 1884. Thereafter living at 21 (now 43) Marine Parade. He has been noted as a Secretary for a Coal Importer.

According to Census data his occupation in 1868 was a "Mine-Draper", in 1874 and in 1878 as a Hotel Keeper and in 1880 as a Coal Merchant.

He appears in a call to pay for his 200 shares in the Neptune Goldmining Company in Auckland, 4 April 1872 in the Daily Southern Cross, page 1.

In 1873 cottage, which he had rented out, was destroyed by fire. The newspaper report of this, The Daily Southern Cross 17 Jan 1873 page 2, described it has a handsome cottage in Karaka Road and not insured.

From October 1875 to end 1876 he appears in Daily Southern Cross newspaper on a regular basis as an Agent for Wangarei Coal Yard.

In the 1881 Electoral Roll he appears in three times:

  1. Walter Sloane, residence of Symonds Street, occupation - Coal Merchant. Auckland East Electorate
  2. Walter Sloane, residence of Auckland, property "Freehold", occupation - Coal agent. Marsden Electorate
  3. Walter Sloane, residence of Auckland, property "Freehold", occupation - Coal Merchant. Marsden Electorate

They adopt Ruth Aroha Lassie Sloane in 1896. There remains speculation over who her natural parents were. Initail reading of this bio might overly imply that Walter is her father but the two competing sets of rumoured parents (both of which identify a family connection) do not suggets that Walter was the father.

His wife claims compensation under the The Naval and Military Settlers Act, 1856 in 1894 on behalf of her husband. In a later sworn statement in August 1897 she states:

Auckland 27 August 1897

MJ Sloane, being sworn, said

I claim in account of my late husband, Walter Sloane.

They were on Graham's island at Motuihi, and they were ordered to serve, arms and ammunition being served out to them. They were never in any corps.

I do not know where my husband is.

Address Marine Parade, Ponsonby


Around 1898 Walter just fades from records. He ceases to be listed in the Wise's Postal directories nor is his passing noted within the family (which is a notable omission!). He is listed as an "Accountant" in the marriage registration of his daughter Margaret Robertson Sloane & W R H Free (1908) but in the description of the place of the wedding; held in his house, which is referred to as the house of the mother of the bride; and he is not among those present at that wedding.

Children of Walter and Margaret Sloane: can be found here.


May 2010, possible break-through in the mystery disappearance of Walter Henderson Sloane.

On 27 October 1913 a Mark Walter Stonehill dies in Sydney, NSW, Australia. In his will he notes he is commonly known as Walter Stonehill Sloane, late of Auckland where he was a Hotelkeeper. As far as I tell the only Sloane who has practiced as a hotel keeper in Auckland is Walter Sloane and it's worth noting that there were no persons with the surname Stonehill in Auckland from 1880 to 1910.

If this is a match they he has been quite naughty, he's married Ada Elizabeth Stonehill (and taken her surname) despite being still married in New Zealand! At the time of filing his will in 1910 he lists his occupantion as an 'Electrical Engineer' and in his probate is estate is worth less than £21.00.





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Biographical Details:

Andrew Sloane
Married, Mary (maybe May) McDonald, 21 June 1834, Kilbirne, Glasgow, Scotland

Andrew had at least two children:

Andrew Sloane's son Andrew emigrated to New Zealand with his brother, Walter, on the 'Robert Small', ex London and arriving Auckland May 1862.

In 1863 he is fined 5s for drunkenness. In 1872 he is described as a mariner, belonging to the schooner 'Herald.' In 1873 he achieves his Masters' Certificate. In 1875 he is mentioned as follows; "We understand that Captain Andrew Sloane, late of the Moneynick and Roderick Dhu, has been appointed to the command of the schooner Agnes, This vessel will proceed at once to the Chatham Islands, and load there with timber for this port; returning again, she will take timber on board for a Southern port."

He dies in August 1911 after falling over the cliff at the edge of his Herne Bay house.

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