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Young Family Chart #1.
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Robert Austen Young
Born, 9 September 1842, London, UK
Married, Elizabeth Reid Aiken, 21 August 1873
Died, 27 September 1922, Auckland, NZ

Andrew Davidson Young
Born, 23 January 1812
Married, 26 June 1838
Died, 9 March 1872

William Young

Married 8 August 1809
Catherine Davidson
(maybe christened 13 April 1784, Aberdeen, Scotland)
Capt Andrew Davidson

Emily Harben
Born, 26 September 1814
Married, 26 June 1838
Died, 13 May 1888, Westport, NZ

Henry Harben
Died, 1823 ?
Mary Woodgate
Died, 30 August 1844, Camberwell Grove, London, UK

Biographical Details:

Andrew Davidson Young - about 1870
Below: His handwritting inside the cover of a book he owned.

Over the last few years (1995 to 2005) I've indicated that there is a mystery to be solved around why Emily Young (nee Harben) and three of her sons emigrated to the Westcoast of New Zealand in 1864 while Andrew Davidson Young, his two daughters and youngest son remained in Scotland.
There is no mystery here. Emily traveled with her two oldest sons when they emigrated and then she returned to Scotland! At some point after her husband's death in 1872 she returned to New Zealand and died in New Zealand in 1888.

Andrew Davidson Young
Born, 23 January 1812, Woodside, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Christened, 27 January 1812, Old Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Married, Emily Harben, 26 June 1838, Carter Lane Chapel, London, UK.
Died, 9 March 1872, at 14 Thompson Street, Dundee, Scotland.

Little is known about Andrew and this generation of the family in Scotland.

In the 1812 baptism entry for Andrew Davidson Young it is noted that his father, William Young, was a printer at Woodside and John Davidson (possibly grandfather?) was present.

Andrew's occupation is recorded as merchant on his marriage entry in 1838. His father, William is also listed as being a merchant. His address is recorded as 29 Mark Lane (presumably in London). Emily Harben (and witness P H Harben) are listed as living at 9 John Street and the other witness Ellen Harben (sister) as living at Camberwell.

On the 1841 UK Census; Emily Young and children, Emily H Young (age 2) and Henry Young (age 3 months) living at 3 Springfield Terrace, Camberwell, London.

In December 1848 he is declared bankrupt. He appears in the The Times of London on 27 December, the entry reads, under the Bankrupts column; "Andrew Davidson Young, Boxworth-grove, Islington, commission agent, Jan 1, at half-past 1o'clock, Feb. 5, at 12, at the Bankrupt's Court: solicitor, Mr. Lloyd, Milk Street; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Guildhall-chambers. In the Jurist, [Vol. XII. Part II] the entry reads; " Andrew Davidson Young, late of Gracechurch-st., London, and of Boxworth-grove, Islington, Middlesex, commission agent, dealer and chapman, Jan. 1 at half-past 1, and Feb. 5 at 12, Court of Bankruptcy, London : Off. Ass. Turquand; Sol. Lloyd, Milk-street -- Fait dated Dec. 21.

In the 1851 Scottish Census the the Young family appears with Andrew listed with the occupation of General Agent. Also residing at this residence, 39 Seagate Fernies Court, Dundee, on the night of the census (7/8 April 1861) are;

  • Emily Young (wife)
  • Edward Young (age 1)
  • Emily H Young (age 11)
  • Walter Young (age 6)
  • Robert Young (age 7) - assumed to be Robert Austen Young
  • Henry Young (age 9) - assumed to be Henry William Young

In the 1861 Scottish Census the Young family appears with Andrew listed with the occupation of Accountant "Marios" (best guess of otherwise illegible text). Also residing at this residence, 7 South Union Street, Dundee, on the night of the census (7/8 April 1861) are;

  • Emily Young (wife)
  • Edward Young (age 11)
  • Catherine Young (age 8)
  • Walter Young (age 16)

In the 1871 Scottish Census the Young family appears with Andrew listed with the occupation of a retired Tea Dealer. Also residing at this residence, 14 Thompson Street on that date are;

  • Emily Young (wife),
  • Emily H Young (daughter, married, age 31),
  • Edward Young (son, unmarried, age 21, clerk to [word unreadable of two or three letters which is not 'tea'] merchants),
  • Catherine S Young (daughter, scholar, age 18),
  • Walter Young (son, clerk to Insurance Company, age 16),
  • Emily Henderson (granddaughter age 4),
  • James W Henderson (grandson age 11 months), and
  • Jessie Phillips (Servant).

There are three other families listed as living at 14 Thompson Street and I assume the building has more than one floor!

Children of Emily & Andrew Young:

  1. Emily Harben Young, Born 24 April 1839 Scotland, Married a Mr Henderson. Died 26 March 1877 in Dundee, Scotland.
  2. Henry William Young, Born 31 October 1841, Arrived Westport 1863, Died 4 August 1903 in Westport, NZ
  3. Robert Austen Young, Born 9 September 1842 London, Arrived Westport 1863, Died 27 September 1922 in Auckland, NZ
  4. Edward Young, Born 22 January 1850. Died October 1929, NZ.
  5. Catherine Stone Young "Kate", Born 7 October 1852, Dundee, Scotland
    - married William Dobson Valentine, 18 Jan 1872, Dundee, Scotland.
  6. Walter Young, Born 2 December 1854, Dundee, Scotland. Was alive and living in Edinburgh in December 1877.


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Biographical Details:

William Young

Married, Catherine Davidson, 8 August 1809, in the parish of Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Scotland
Alive in 1838

In the banns for their marriage in 1809 William's occupation is listed as a Merchant of Aberdeen.

In his wedding register entry his occupation is also listed as a Merchant of Aberdeen. The wedding has held at the residence of the bride's father, Capt Andrew Davidson. The witnesses were Mr William Jessach (spelling of surname not clear) a Merchant of Aberdeen, and George Knight, Confectioner. (a "George Knight, & Co, confectioners & grocers, 49 Union St" is listed in the 1838 Pigot's Directory in Aberdeen)

By the 1812, in baptism entry for Andrew Davidson Young, it is noted that William Young was a printer at Woodside and John Davidson (possibly a brother of Catherine?) was present. His occupation is recorded as merchant on the marriage entry of the same son in 1838.

In the 1837/8 Pigot's directory there are the following Young's in Aberdeen:

  • Young, Jane publican, York St
  • Young, Mrs. Jean, 21 Union place
  • Young, John, baker, 43 Windmill brae
  • Young, John, esq, 245 Union st
  • Young, John, violin maker, 32 Nether Kirkgate
  • Young, Miss Mary, 2 Golden square
  • Young, Robt. ship master 13 Commerce st
  • Young, Widow, publican, 10 Fisher's row
  • Young, Wm, ship master, 71 Nether Kirkgate

I favour the last Wm Young as a possible match. Apart from being the only William Young I note that the listings by occupation that a third of the entries under Merchant are also ship owners.

I haven't found him yet in the 1841 Census.

Children of William & Catherine Young:

  1. Andrew Davidson Young, Christened 27 January 1812, Aberdeen.
  2. Catherine Young, Christened 17 April 1815, Aberdeen. There are descendants of Catherine Young who advise that her first name was either Christian or Christina. I assume she marries before 1841 as she does not appear on that year's Census. It is possible that she marries William Douglas (on 16 July 1839, at Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen).


Over the last few years I had asserted that James Young (1746-1794) was William Young's father but via the very detailed records contained in the updated version (published in 1860) of A Short Memoir of James Young, merchant burgess of Aberdeen, and Rachel Cruickshank, his spouse, and of their descendants it is clear there is no relationship.

Making progress here will be challenging as there are considerable concentrations of Young's in Woodside Aberdeen and the first names of James and William are the most common. For example between 1770-1800 there are at least three separate "James and Elizabeth Young's" appearing as parents in baptism records.


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Biographical Details:

Captain Andrew Davidson
Known to be alive in 1809

Father to Catherine Davidson (married William Young in 1809), and
ather to Captain Andrew Davidson, born abt 1783 in Aberdeen and died 20 February 1854 - who was also a ship master.

In the 1809 Banns (Scotland's Intension to Marry records) of William Young and Catherine Davidson: Catherine's is described as the daughter of Captain Andrew Davidson Ship Master in Aberdeen. This is repeated in the Wedding record. The wedding itself in conduced at the residence of the brides father.

I've found the following references and made as good a call as I can if they relate to father or son:

  1. Aberdeen Journal: 11 Jan 1804, Andrew Davidson is listed as an office bearer for the year of the Shipmaster Society. More like to be the father as the son would have been 21 years of age.
  2. 1809 appears in Banns of his daughter Catherine Davidson - occupation of shipmaster, Aberdeen. Definately, the father.
  3. Andrew Davidson, appears as an Office Bearers of Masonic Lodge, St Nicholas each January as reported in the Aberdeen Journal.
    • Junior Warden, 11 Jan 1804 (listed as 'Andrew Davidson, shipmaster)
    • Assessor, 4 Jan 1809
    • Assessor, 6 Jan 1813
    Likely to be the father. Although, to further confuse matters a another Andrew Davidson has a more senior role in another lodge in Aberdeen.

    Brig, a two masted vessel square rigged on both masts. Known as very old and efficient sailing rig, and was still in use up to the very end of commercial sailing ships. Very common in European waters.
  4. Appears as the shipmaster of the brig 'Myrtle', constructed in 1810 (no location identified) and registered in Aberdeen 26 September 1810 (No 39 in 1810 Aberdeen Register of Shipping). The surname Davidson is associated with many Aberdeen ships around this time which makes it difficult to distinguish between; Alexander Davidson, Ian Davidson and Peter Davidson - who also appear as shipmasters of Aberdeen in the same Register.
  5. He's ship wreaked! The following appears in the Aberdeen Journal on 22 April 1812:

    "We are extremely sorry to state the loss of the Brig OCEAN, of this port, Captain Andrew Davidson, on the Redcar Rocks, near Guisborough, Yorkshire. She went ashore on Thursday last, about 12 o'clock at night, and about 4 in the morning the vessel parted, and went to pieces. Capt. Davidson, and part of the crew were saved by the cables from the shores. One of the people of the name of George Murdo, was found dead on her deck; and the mate, William Stephen, died as soon as he was got on shore. Alexander Anderson, and Ebbison Allan were lost. Captain Davidson is still in a very weak state. A considerable part of the vessel's rigging and stores have been saved; but the hull is a total wreak. The Redcar is the spot so fatal to the Caledonia wreak, belonging to this place; which unfortunate vessel, with almost all her passengers and crew, were lost there a few years ago."
  6. Also, appears the list of wreaks at Redcar Rocks; "OCEAN: 17/4/1812, A brig from Aberdeen, traveling from that location to London with a general cargo wrecked on Redcar Rocks. Crew of seven men and boys. Four lives lost, and three saved by a pilot boat. Reported to have went to pieces on the rocks soon afterwards 1am."

  7. In the "The Edinburgh magazine, and literary miscellany, a new series of The Scots magazine", Volume 87. page 371, 20 September 1820, "Andrew Davidson, shipmaster in Aberdeen, was next called to the bar charged with an assault of a highly aggravated nature upon his own wife and his mother in law He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to be transported beyond seas for fourteen years."
  8. Appears as one of the 156 convicts transported on the SPEKE departing 13 December 1820 and arriving New south Wales, Australia. Listed as "Andrew Davidson, Convicted at Aberdeen Court of Judiciary for a term of 14 years."
  9. Appears in the 'Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser' on 23 January 1823 as getting his 'Ticket of Leave' - a type of parole. The Ticket would be great to find as it is "a highly detailed document listing the place and year the convict was tried, the name of the ship in which he or she was transported, and the length of the sentence. There was also a detailed physical description of the convict, along with year of birth, former occupation and “native place.”" Unfortunately, he is not found among those Tickets available from the Society of Australian Genealogists.
  10. “Pigot and Co.'s National Commercial Directory of the whole of Scotland, and of the Isle of Man.” Published 1837. On page 169 (alphabetical list of inhabitants) There are three Andrew Davidson's listed, the last is clearly our Andrew:
    • Davidson, Andrew, teacher, 2 Trinity st
    • Davidson, Andrew, blacksmith, York Place
    • Davidson, Andrew, ship master, Wellington St
  11. Appears in the 1841 Census as living in Wellington Street. His age is listed as 60 - but in this census there was rounding of age. His occupantion is 'Mechant/Seaman/shipmaker' he's living alone but has Jane Harrow in the same house with occupation of 'Female Servant'. This census records place of birth but unhelpfully this is listed as 'Outside of Census country'.
  12. Mentioned in "Religion and social class: the disruption years in Aberdeen." "Davidson, Andrew (Holburn Free). A shipmaster before 1836, he had retired by 1841 and thereafter described himself as a shipowner. He lived at 56 Wellington Street but would appear to have died or left the city by 1861."
    I assume this reference is based on Pigot's listing (above) and the absence of Andrew Davidson's in the 1861 Census returns.
  13. He appears in the 1851 Scottish Census (30/31 March 1851) as Andrew Davidson, 56 Wellington Street, Aberdeen. There is no family co-habiting (unknown if this related to the assault in item 7 or if he's a widow). His occupation is listed as Retired Shipmaker - although I suspect this is a transcription error and should read Shipmaster. He must have some resources as he has a resident domestic servant (Jane Harrow). His age is listed as 68 and date of birth estimated as 1783, with his birth place listed as Aberdeen.
  14. Andrew Davidson, died 20 Feb 1854, at his house 56 Wellington Street, Aberdeen, 'late shipmaster'. Reported in the Aberdeen Journal, 29 March 1854. While this building is no longer standing 57 Wellington St is and visible in Google Street view.
  15. Andrew Davidson effects auctioned off. The following was advertised 19 April 1854 in the Aberdeen Journal:

    "Sale of Household furniture, Books etc. Upon TUESDAY the 25th April, there will be sold, by Auction, in the House, 56 Wellington Street, The whole HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS belonging to the late Mr Andrew Davidson, shipmaster there - consisting of an Eight-day clock, in Mahogany Case - a Mahogany Bureau and Book case - Mahogany Sofa, in Haircloth 0 Eight Mahogany and other chairs - two Mahogany and other Tables - Mattresses - Feather beds, Bolsters and Pillows - Blankets-Bed and Table Linen-Dressing Glasses-Fenders and Fire-irons-China, Glass, and stone were-Kitchen Dresser Utensils. Also, a Silver Watch Snuff Box-Telescope-Ton Charts, About 70 Volumes Books among which are Henry's Bible, 2 vols - Fox's Martyrs-Kelly's Geography-Protestant etc. "
  16. There is a will for an Andrew Davidson (3 June 1854) 'Shipmaster in Aberdeen, residing at 56 Wellington Street, Aberdeen.